Website and E-commerce Design

I help your business stand out and leave a lasting impression in the online space and the market. Through thoughtful website and e-commerce design, your business will become easily recognizable, differentiate itself from competitors, and enhance trust among your target audience.

This is what you get when you work with me

I work to create a website or e-commerce platform that perfectly fits your business, reflecting your brand and meeting your needs.

Thorough Assessment, Market Research

I get to know your business, target audience, as well as your expectations and ideas to design unique and effective web solutions for you. Market research helps differentiate your site from others.

I design unique design elements tailored to the brand and style you represent, starting from homepages to subpages, considering both desktop and mobile views.

I create the framework of the website, including colors, design elements, images, and text outlines, to visualize the structure and functions of the site.

The designed layout is implemented using WordPress, and for e-commerce, WooCommerce plugin is used. I perform basic technical settings for search engine optimization.

I perform appropriate technical settings to comply with data protection laws. I provide two rounds of modification options with progress tracking. Upon website delivery, I provide training on the usage of the WordPress administrative interface for easy management. If you prefer not to deal with this in the future, you can choose a maintenance service.  

Upon website delivery, I provide training on the usage of the WordPress administrative interface for easy management. If you prefer not to deal with this, you can choose a maintenance service. Additionally, I provide detailed tutorials or online meetings for thorough learning. 

The Process of Collaboration

  • I typically respond to inquiries within 1-2 business days. 
  • Next, I assess the needs with an online fillable questionnaire and market research.
  • You'll receive the quote shortly or I may ask a few questions to prepare an accurate cost estimation.
  • If you accept the offer, we'll sign a contract, and the advance payment will be made.
  • Once the content and legal documents are available, I start the design process.
  • The first step is creating the wireframe, followed by designing the unique layout.
  • After you approve the designs, we start building the website or e-commerce platform using WordPress.
  • Finally, we test the completed site, and upon the remaining payment, I provide login credentials and thoroughly introduce you to the website administration.

Designing a website is a significant investment

Launching or revitalizing a business is a major challenge, especially for beginners. That's why, after requesting a quote and assessing your needs, for longer projects, you'll have the option to choose installment payments to make starting your business even easier.

Let's Create Your Website's Branding Together!

The price for single-page website creation starts from 600 EURO, and for single-product e-commerce creation starts from 850 EURO, but since every business and website, e-commerce platform is unique, the fee may vary depending on your needs. Factors such as required features, number of subpages can influence the price. Write to me, and I'll prepare a custom quote for your website.